Timetable: Cookbook and Sub Question Essay

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Week Term 1 week Term 2
Week 1 Finish planning sheet, question summary sheet and lotus diagram.
Start capabilities work sheet and complete task. Finalise detailed sub questions. Week 1 Finish any work not completed (due Friday)
Bring in recipes to survey class on opinion on recipes (due Tuesday)
Bring in more recipes to survey class on opinion on recipes (due Wednesday)
Week 2 Task 1: Proposal draft due Friday week 3
Library orientation for planning research project.
Begin draft of proposal.
Change sub question from suggestions from the teacher and revisit planning sheet. Week 2 Begin and continue throughout week task 2: outcome report. If time produce cookbook only after report is finished (due week 4)
Survey class on recipes (due Tuesday)
Week 3 Task 1: proposal
Complete proposal draft
Complete timetable
Proposal final copy due Tuesday week 4
Timetable due Wednesday week 4 Week 3 Continue task 2
Survey class on recipes (due Tuesday)
Finish task 2:outcome report (due Friday)
If time create cookbook

Week 4 Finish and hand up timetable and proposal
Begin research for possible books, websites, interviewees and suck a cock of possible people to be surveyed Week 4 Task 2: outcome report hand up (cookbook if completed)
Survey class on more recipes (due Tuesday)
Week 5 Beginning research, folder, evaluating resources
Teacher cheeks timetable and folder
Begin basic research on overall question
Start sub question 1: what is the best way to professionally photograph the recipes?
Look at cookbooks, interview photographers and look research online how they professionally photograph recipes.
Survey class and peers on what they would want in a healthy cookbook. (due Friday) Week 5 Begin Task 5: evaluation
Survey class on more recipes (due Tuesday)
Continue task 5
Week 6 Complete sub question 1.
Start and complete sub question 2: who