Ting's Current Marketing Communication in Us and Canada Essays

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Current marketing communication in US and Canada

Even though Jamaica Ting soft drink get the limited market shares in the UK, the experience of the company in America and Canada shows successful conversely. Apart from the exotic taste and vivid package of the product, various marketing communications are the main rationale contributed to its success. The following strategies of marketing communications are used:
1. Relative memorabilia- the logo designed T-shirts , hats, toys, cups and bags are sold on the online shops and virtual stores. (http://www.tingsoda.com/logostore.html ;http://tingjamaica.com/)
2. Online shops- customers are able to order the products on the internet, which can be sent in the next business day via FEDEX ground.
Advertising slogan- the company describe it as" Caribbean sunshine + grapefruit = Ting taste of paradise".
Social media- Facebook and Twitter. There is a platform to share customers' consumed experience. For instance, uploading pictures of customers with Jamaica Ting and listing recipe mixed alcohol with Ting are all the effective way to gain public awareness.
(http://www.facebook.com/jamaicating ; http://twitpic.com/photos/jamaicating ;http://tingjamaica.com/ )
Regular activities- Ting teasers. By answering questions about company and product, customers can win prizes and goodies.
Commercials- TV advertising and viral videos are used to…