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Artist & Repertoire Representative, these people find new artists to sign

Major music contacts Connect with the Locals local club owners, record store proprietors, music managers, or editors whether they know anyone at a good record label who might be interested in receiving your demo package.

Getting Signed The Quick Version

Getting signed to a record label is a dream for many people. But because so many people want it, it's a dream that is very hard to come true. If you want to increase your chances of being one of the lucky few then you need to make sure that you have something to offer the labels and have your sound perfected to get signed to a record label.

Make good music. No matter how badly you want a record deal if the music isn't great then you can forget about getting signed to a label. Spend time perfecting your sound and musical skills.

Look signable. There is a such thing as having "the look" and you want to make sure when you do get a chance to perform for an A&R rep that you look like someone who can be on MTV, BET or any of the other music channels.

Prepare a professional demo package. The Demo package should include a demo CD, a cover letter, a biography, a photograph and if you have them, press clippings.

Sell your sound. If you don't fit into the norm of pop, rock, R&B and other standards then you need to be able to convince an A&R rep that your music can be sold commercially.

Locate a potential A&R rep that fits the music you're making. To