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What has been the most difficult time or experience in my life? Really there have been a few things that have been difficult for me, but the one that stands out? This was hard to take in at first leaving my mother and brother, but I was lost in Ocala, had no discipline and was not responsible at all.
That would be when I decided to move from my mother’s house to live with Mr. and Mrs. Edgar. You may be asking who they are. They are two great people.
Mrs. Edgar originally was my middle school reading teacher. I was walking home in a down pour because my mother would not pick me up. Mrs. Edgar was driving by, stopped and asked why I was walking; I explained why, she called the school to get permission and they allowed it so she gave me a ride. It was from that day I gained a lot of respect for her, I started to ask for help, help in her classroom, and help outside school.
This is where Mr. Edgar comes in; in order to allow it he had to be addressed as a mentor to me. He agreed, so I would spend time with them doing homework, eating proper meals, getting my clothes ready for school and having a father figure around. His job transferred them to Daytona, about one and a half hours from Ocala. They would come get me on the weekends and again, first we would do homework, and they would treat me usually to a fun weekend. Then Sunday, we would get my clothes ready for the week and get ready for school. Over time this was putting a burden on them and I still struggled in school.