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Introduction: A 1750 Xr wheel balancer is a machine used to balance unbalanced tires, when a wheel is unblanaced, it will wobble and is un safe for the driver. A wheel balancer has two modes static mode, and dynamic mode. Static balance will have one spot to put weight on, on the other hand, dynamic mode you must put both the weights on both sides of the tire.

General Saftey :

1.) wear steel toe'd boots in case of droping wheel on foot.

2.)keep hair, loose clothes away from moving objects

3.)before starting to use the balancing machine, read instruction manual
4.)before starting the wheel balning cycle make sure the wheel is securely locked on the hub nut
5.) do not operate equeipment with a damaged power cord

6.) do not operate if machine was damaged
7.) use equipment dexscribes in the manuel
8.) do not allow untrain person to operate machinary
9.) be sure to the balancer is propery connected to power supply

10.) avoid unintentional starting
11.) Do not disabled hood saftey interlock system
12.) keep area clean
13.) avoid dangerous enviroments, do not use power tools or electiical equipment in wet areas
14.) never overload or stand on the weight tray

Body :

- put on overalls, and get prepaired and safe for working on wheel balancer
- turn on wheel balncer machinge, button located in the back
-check which cone fits in your wheel
-put cone on shaft (wider end first) to the end of thgo e shaft
-put wheel on the shaft beside cone
-grab quick lock hub nut, and put wheel through the cone till it's tight into the wheel
-move quick lockjub not to the tire and tighten wheel to the left
-move arm inside of flange of the wheen and hold beeps then take back arm
- go to dim screen
-grab tire inflation adjustment and messure the width of tire
- manueally enter the width of the tire
-check what size tire is at end of the code on the tire (the last two digets) enter them
-lower tire width hood down (wheel will spin)
-when wheel makes complete stop lift hood wait for the weight of…