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Titanic Going Down If everyone who was on the Titanic could come back and were allowed to watch the movie most likely that wouldn’t be displeased. In fact they would probably say that the movie made the tragedy of Titanic better than it actually really was. Titanic was that kind of film that marks a whole generation, it will never be forgotten. It was historic fiction at its best. With its release in 1997, Titanic was a huge hit, Dassanowsky said “First marketed as a disaster film it brought back the cinema in that era” (Dassanowsky) It is the way in which the conflict and the plot go along with the directing, and special effects, that make this film extraordinary. Although the film is centered on a forbidden love affair between two people, it still maintains its focus based on the true event of the Titanic. One can find an almost perfect blend of drama, love, action and suspense, all wrapped together in this three hour movie. The movie follows the voyage of the Titanic, through the eyes of Jack Dawson (Leonardo DiCaprio) and Rose DeWitt Bukater (Kate Winslet). Rose a wealthy young woman feels like she lives a life that she has no control over. Fed up, one day she goes to the back of the ship, crosses the rail and stands there, contemplating suicide. Nearby is a low class gentleman named Jack, who upon seeing her, convinces her not to jump. Through this event the two start a friendship that soon develops into a love affair. Although there are many factors that try to separate these two, such as differences of class, Rose’s mother and her jealous fiance. Both lovers are determined not to let anything come between them.
What was great about the titanic was the plot. James Cameron did a great job making a romance out of a tragedy, and made it create conflict in the plot. The romance between Rose and Jack is unique because instead of the rich white man falling in love with the poor woman the roles are flipped. By changing the plot and making Jack the poor one and Rose the wealthy one made the movie more interesting, by giving it more conflict. The reason for this is because Rose had much less power over her life being that it was the early 1900’s, than a wealthy Rich man would have had. Women were not treated as well as men used to be treated, nor was it common in that time for women of high class to do any sort of labor, so if a women was not left with a lot of money, then in order to stay apart of high class and society, she would have to marry a rich man. Secondly Rose was gorgeous, which also added conflict to the plot. Since usually rich men get all that they want, and they especially want gorgeous women, and then if they can’t get the girl by showing off their money, then they would have to manipulate them. In this plot the ways men lure women like how Rose was lured, was through her mother Ruth. Rose’s mother was a great example of how Rose’s beauty added to more conflict in the plot. In the plot Rose's mother was afraid to lose her riches and high status, which was how she lived her whole life. Now that Ruth and Rose were going to be poor due to Ruth’s husband dying and leaving them with piles of debt. Ruth began to see Rose’s beauty as their way to salvation. Later Rose's mother found her a wealth man, who becomes Rose’s fiance Cal. Cal is a selfish, cocky and rude man, who Rose doesn’t want to spend the rest of her life with. Social status is also a big part of conflict. Since Rose has a lot of money, her life is controlled by the rules that the high class follow. She must attend dinners that always have the same gossip and boring conversations. She must only talk to certain people and must also be elegant. So it may sound nice to some people but for Rose she just wants to be free. Life goes by slowly because of the same rich person routines. In the plot Jack is not just the man that Rose falls in love with, but he also helps her be free. Jack teaches Rose how to truly live and enjoy life. Although Jack doesn’t