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Fall 2012 CAMPUS SHUTTLE (Monday through Friday) The Campus SHUTTLE Loops the campus at designated stops throughout the day. Times are approximate and subject to weather and/or traffic conditions. Schedule Effective Sept 4 to Nov 11
LEAVE Netherlands Complex 12:27PM 1:57PM 3:37PM 9:57PM 10:27PM ARRIVE Student Center 12:29PM 1:59PM 3:39PM 9:59PM 10:29PM ARRIVE ARRIVE ARRIVE Colonial Square 12:33PM 2:03PM 3:43PM 10:03PM 10:33PM ARRIVE Physical Fitness Ctr. 12:34PM 2:04PM 3:44PM 10:04PM 10:34PM ARRIVE Dome Road 12:36PM 2:06PM 3:46PM N/A N/A ARRIVE Hagedorn Hall 12:39PM 2:09PM 3:49PM N/A N/A ARRIVE Margiotta Hall 12:41PM 2:11PM 3:51PM N/A N/A ARRIVE California Avenue Mason/Deli 12:43PM 2:13PM 3:53PM 10:13PM 10:43PM ARRIVE Breslin Hall 12:45PM 2:15PM 3:55PM 10:15PM 10:45PM ARRIVE Weed Hall 12:47PM 2:17PM 3:57PM 10:17PM 10:47PM

Hofstra Nassau USA Suffolk/Hall 12:31PM 12:32PM 2:01PM 2:02PM 3:41PM 3:42PM 10:01PM 10:02PM 10:31PM 10:32PM

Fall 2012 Weekend Shopping and Entertainment Shuttle Effective Sept 4 to Nov 11 Campus Shopping and Entertainment Shuttle Schedule
Student Center 8:45AM 10:00AM 12:00PM 2:00PM 3:00PM 4:00PM 5:00PM 8:00PM 9:00PM #4 N/A

Stop & Shop 8:57AM 10:12AM 12:12PM 2:12PM 3:12PM 4:12PM 5:12PM 8:12PM 9:12PM 10:15PM

Roosevelt Field Mall Note #1 9:11AM 10:23AM 12:23PM 2:23PM 3:23PM 4:23PM 5:23PM 8:23PM 9:23PM 10:38PM

Westbury Gallery Note #2 9:16AM 10:28AM 12:28AM 2:28PM 3:28PM 4:28PM 5:28PM 8:28PM 9:28PM 10:42PM

Target 9:21AM 10:33AM 12:33PM 2:33PM 3:33PM 4:33PM 5:33PM 8:33PM 9:33PM 10:45PM

Raceway Theater Note #3 NA 10:35AM 12:35PM 2:35PM 3:35PM 4:35PM 5:35PM 8:35PM 9:35PM 10:46PM

Fairway 9:26AM 10:38AM 12:38PM 2:38PM 3:38PM 4:38PM 5:38PM 8:38PM 9:38PM 10:50PM

Hofstra 9:50AM 10:50AM 12:50PM 2:50PM 3:50PM 4:50PM 6:00PM 8:50PM 9:50PM 11:05PM

Note #1: Bus drop off at Macy's, Southside Entrance Note #2: Bus drop off in front of Bloomingdales Note #3: Bus drop off on westside of Raceway Theatre Note #4: Last shuttle transport from campus to shopping and entertainment locations.

Fall 2012 CAMPUS TRAIN SHUTTLE (Saturday Sunday) The Campus TRAIN shuttle services points on campus to the train stations indicated. Times are subject to weather and/or traffic conditions. Schedule Effective Sept 4 to Nov 11

LEAVE Netherlands Complex 7:05AM 8:00AM 9:00AM 10:00AM 11:00AM 12:00PM 1:00PM 2:00PM 3:00PM 4:00PM 5:10PM 6:10PM 7:10PM 8:10PM 9:10PM 10:10PM 11:10PM 12:10AM 1:10AM 2:10AM 3:10AM 5:10AM 6:10AM

ARRIVE Student Center 7:06AM 8:01AM 9:01AM 10:01AM 11:01AM 12:01PM 1:01PM 2:01PM 3:01PM 4:01PM 5:11PM 6:11PM 7:11PM 8:11PM 9:11PM 10:11PM 11:11PM 12:11AM 1:11AM 2:11AM 3:11AM 5:11AM 6:11AM

ARRIVE ARRIVE Hofstra Nassau USA Suffolk/Hall 7:08AM 7:09AM 8:03AM 8:04AM 9:03AM 9:04AM 10:03AM 10:04AM 11:03AM 11:04AM 12:03PM 12:04PM 1:03PM 1:04PM 2:03PM 2:04PM 3:03PM 3:04PM 4:03PM 4:04PM 5:13PM 5:14PM 6:13PM 6:14PM 7:13PM 7:14PM 8:13PM 8:14PM 9:13PM 9:14PM 10:13PM 10:14PM 11:13PM 11:14PM 12:13AM 12:14AM 1:13AM 1:14AM 2:13AM 2:14AM 3:13AM 3:14AM 5:13AM 5:14AM 6:13AM 6:14AM

ARRIVE Colonial Sq. West 7:10AM 8:05AM 9:05AM 10:05AM 11:05AM 12:05PM 1:05PM 2:05PM 3:05PM 4:05PM 5:15PM 6:15PM 7:15PM 8:15PM 9:15PM 10:15PM 11:15PM 12:15AM 1:15AM 2:15AM 3:15AM 5:15AM 6:15AM

ARRIVE Hempstead Train Station 7:18AM 8:13AM 9:13AM 10:13AM 11:13AM 12:13PM 1:13PM 2:13PM 3:13PM 4:13PM N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

ARRIVE ARRIVE Mineola Hempstead Train Station Train Station 7:28AM 7:41AM 8:23AM 8:36AM 9:23AM 9:36AM 10:23AM 10:36AM 11:23AM 11:36AM 12:23PM 12:36PM 1:23PM 1:36PM 2:23PM 2:36PM 3:23PM 3:36PM 4:23PM 4:36PM 5:30PM (lv: 5:45) N/A 6:30PM (lv: 6:45) N/A 7:30PM (lv: 7:45) N/A 8:30PM (lv: 8:45) N/A 9:30PM (lv: 9:45) N/A 10:30PM (lv: 10:45) N/A 11:30PM (lv:11:45) N/A 12:30AM (lv: 12:45) N/A 1:30AM (lv: 1:45) N/A 2:30AM (lv: 2:45) N/A 3:30AM (lv: 3:45) N/A 5:30AM (lv: 5:45) N/A 6:30AM (lv: 6:45) N/A