Essay about Title: Edgar Allan Poe and Tell Tail Heart

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Samantha Tharpe
October 4th, 2013
Comparison Essay- Poe

Title “The Raven” and the “Tell Tail Heart”, are two very famous writings of Edgar Allen Poe. Yes, they differ in some ways, but in many they’re the same! Most people would think “The Raven” and the “Tell Tail Heart” are both frightening, and vainly depressing. In 1888, this is what “scary” was. People went mad, insane even, over these fright filling stories Poe was creating. In my opinion, that’s hard to believe. Because now in our generation, not many people would even go as far as having a nightmare over Poe’s work. Definitely nothing as far as going insane, nor killing themselves! Just imagine, if people in Poe’s generation, watched the horror movies, and read the books and stories we have today, what would happen then? Mr. Poe grew up with a terrible outlook on life, and not only his childhood, but also his adulthood. He just lived his life with that outlook, because of all of the tragedies, which have happened in his past life. It seems like when something good in his life happens, something seems to come along and mess it all up. He has taken things from his experience in a horrible lived life and putting it all into his wonderful works of writing.

"Deep into the darkness long I stood there wondering, fearing, doubting, dreaming dreams no mortal ever dared to dream before…" What do you feel after reading that selection from "The Raven" Fear? gloomy? Dismal? Sorrowful? Mysterious? That's the point. That's up how Poe wanted you to feel. It was the mood. He wanted his readers to get the idea of his bashful life. The tone of the story, is melancholy. The meaning of the words and how that stanzas always end with "nevermore", which gives us as the readers less, and less having hope and happiness for Poe. In the beginning, Poe had hope. He believes the Raven was his love, but that hope turned in the bashful hate, when the Raven kept repeating, "nevermore" , showing no hope. Now, the "Tell Tail Heart" , The mood is almost the same. But I think in this story, poe is looking for a feel of even more suspense. He's giving a Gothic horror story told by a man with a disturbed, psychotic mind. So, both