Title IX And Gender Equality

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While Title IX was initially passed to end sex discrimination in the education system, it has had more of a prominent impact in athletics. Gender Equity is defined as providing resources, programs and making decisions fairly to both genders without discrimination. It also involves addressing the current imbalances that are prevalent. The NCAA defined gender equity as creating an environment in which fair and equitable distribution of overall athletic opportunities, benefits and resources are available to both men and women at an institutional level. Gender equity takes more of a narrow approach to reach its destination because it is based on materialistic connotations such as numeric figures. Sports were labeled “natural” for men but the total …show more content…
There wasn’t any real thought into athletics when Title IX was passed. Athletic programs weren’t receiving federal funds during the early 1970s, so there wasn’t a direct issue with the way athletics was operating on a day to day basis. However, tennis was a major sport during the decade and Bill Jean King was a champion, icon who was one of the major faces of the Women’s movement. She defeated Bobby Riggs in a battle of the sexes match and became the first female athlete to earn over $100,000 in a single year. Public displays like that helped further gender equality, from what it was, in athletics. The NCAA was a major opponent to Title IX, and took a strong position against holding championships for females. However, money talks and the NCAA saw an opportunity to take advantage of the attention women’s athletics were receiving and jumped on it. Not only was the NCAA benefiting from the changes in sports at the time, but the men were as well. Fortunately, Title IX has benefited women in areas such as the medical field, math and law. There have been highs and lows with Title IX, just like there is with any major law that affects the status quo; but it has come a long way. Women are being successful in almost every aspect of education and athletics because Title IX opened doors to them. Sports affect so many people in different ways and it plays a big role in society; that’s why the development of women’s athletics is usually the first thing that comes to mind when discussing Title IX. Gender equity hasn’t been achieved, but as each day passes, we are getting