Essay on Titles: High School and Teen Suicide Rates

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A Wonderful Life If you are reading this, that means I actually overcame my slightly questionable moral conflict. Just because you already know how this ends don’t assume I’m fine in the end because that’s just lazy. To begin this sad little journey through an insignificant past experience; I am going to tell you why this specific experience is actually slightly significant. There once was a boy. No, a man. Wait no. A teenager! Who let his emotional past get the better of his well-deserved education. A teenager troubled since the early stages of his middle school career. His feeble mind plagued by the pressure of fitting in or what was considered “cool”. That is not all that this young man faced for he had experienced what no young boy should have to go through. Staring death in the face of his favorite pet and watched the light leave her eyes only to be rewarded with a separation in the home and the departure to higher education by beloved siblings. This caused much delayed reactions of confusion, anger, and depression. At the time the young man didn’t realize what exactly all these emotions were or why he felt them and so he buried them away for a temporary eternity. It wasn’t long before the young man reached the breaking point and let his emotions affect things in his life that should have otherwise been doing well regardless of suppressed memories. Everything was falling apart for this young man. He constantly asked himself, “why me?” No one ever answered him. Fortunately, through what felt like a divine miracle at the eleventh hour, he found a love life with someone who respected him and cared for him. This was enough to keep him from doing something terrible and irreversible. He had found happiness in the arms of a lover, but only temporarily because nothing good ever lasts and the arch nemesis of this young man was ruining the rest of his life. His schooling was ruling him. It was the one thing he allowed to be affected by his deeply rooted depression. The ways he dealt with it was mostly by pretending he was fine and it worked for a while, it really did. But he progressed through school by miraculously failing all his classes and still advancing grade after grade. Suddenly, the eleventh grade had arrived and with it an art class which he displayed little to no interest in because his subconscious narcissism felt too good for it but powered through the class and then bam. Brick wall. A research project on a world problem that we individually feel is a world problem. Suicide. That is where the line blurred between pretending to be okay and the very real depression. The young man researched teen suicide rates and such only to be graded handsomely and rewarded by a meeting with teachers. Unfortunately, my presentation raised a few eyebrows as to why out of nowhere a seemingly “normal” kid would research teenage suicide. The young man was referred