Tkam Rbid Dog Incident

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TKAM Rabid Dog Incident In the novel, To Kill A Mockingbird, by Harper Lee, The incident with the rabid dog, Tim Johnson, is a metaphor for racism shown by Bob Ewell, a white man who spends all of his checks on whiskey. Jean Louise Finch, the protagonist, finds a rabid dog walking in the streets of Maycomb even though it is in the middle of February when usually rabies are found in August because of hunting season. Scout Finch describes Tim Johnson, “Tim was a liver-colored bird dog, the pet of Maycomb,” (Lee 105). Tim, a dog with rabies, is described as a liver-colored dog and Bob Ewell, “Spends his relief checks on green whiskey,” (Lee 34). Bob Ewell spends all his checks on whiskey. The dog is a metaphor for Bob Ewell because alcohol affects