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“fitting in”
B120 TMA02
Part 1
November 2012


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Executive summary Pg 3 1.0 Problem analysis and solution 2.1 A description of the HRM-related work problem that I have encountered and why I think it relates well to my chosen study session. Pg 4 2.2 Analysis of my experience using my chosen concept. Pg 4 2.3 Proposed solutions to the problem. Pg 6 2.0 Useful information from the internet.
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2.0 Useful information from the internet
2.1 (28/11/12) this is a link to website that has some detailed information about socialisation and what affects it has on the workplace. It is quite informative and has links to other HRM related issues that can also be very helpful. The website itself is eHow which is a reputable site that provides all types of information about a large number of subjects.
2.2 (28/11/12) this is a link to a very interesting site about HRM, in particular the link is to an article called “hit the ground running” which is about how vital the first few months of a job is and how different attitudes can have different affects on how you an employee might progress in a company. This is another reputable site which is very resourceful, it has information and opinions on all aspects of HRM. 3.0 Referencing The Open University (2006) B120 An introduction to business studies, Book 2 ‘An introduction to human resource management in business’, Milton Keynes

William Curley- C2988169

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