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David Randolph
Guernica Movie Report When Picasso was confronted by the German Gestapo and asked if he did Guernica, he responded by saying “No, you did.” The Germans were insulted by the violent nature of his painting. But cleverly Picasso responded to the Germans about who is responsible for the actions that Guernica depicts and not who painted it. Picasso first learns of tragedy by what he refers to as Black Spain. Picasso possessed a lot of native hatred toward his homeland of Spain, because of the Catholic Church rule. Picasso also learned of tragedy through his tumultuous relationship and divorce with his wife Olga. Picasso’s main source of tragedy came after the bombing of Guernica. Here over 5,000 bombs were dropped on a defenseless Spanish Bosque town. Over 1645 people were slaughtered and countless thousands more were injured. Also Picasso learned of tragedy after the Prado museum was bombed. Here Picassos legacy and history was at risk or ruined. His Spanish Master’s works were destroyed. This Tragedy helped to mold Picasso into his next stage of life. Picasso Begins to feel a part of the establishment during the war after he was elected the director of the Prado museum. His efforts would now be used to bring awareness and insight heavy emotion with anti-war art. After choosing the side of the republic he was locked into the struggle and could devote his passions toward that struggle. Finally, Picasso, and his work have become political. Guernica is a depiction of a woman grieving over her dead child while a big eyed bull stands over the two. The center of the picture shows a dying horse who has been wounded by a javelin. Under the horse is the body of a soldier that not only dismembered but also disorientated. It is shocking in terms of the event because Guernica was bombed during the day. Guernica was painted in black and white because of the night massacre image that Picasso had engraved in his head.