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There is an increasing concern about staff morale in our company. To find out more about this problem, a questionnaire survey of job satisfaction among senior- and junior-level employees in our company has conducted. The aim of this survey is to identify sources of satisfaction and, particularly, dissatisfaction in employees’ professional lives. In this survey, recommendations are made to improve areas which employees are unhappy about. And it is hoped that these measures can help to boost morale in our company and ultimately bring about an improvement in performance and productivity.

In this report, there are 180 employees are surveyed (60 senior-level staff; 120 junior-level staff). The date of questionnaire survey is 12-16 August 2013.

As the result shows, there is around 60% of both senior staff and junior staff satisfied the salary. This satisfaction is not very high because some respondents mentioned that their salaries have no changes in the past two years. This condition made the profit of our company decreased by 25% in that period.

For the working environment in our company, only around 40% of both senior staff and junior staff approved of it. The low satisfaction indicates that most of staff felt discontent about the movement of head office, which is moved from Central to Kwai Chung. The reason of it is the transport network of Central is better than that of Kwai Chung. The staff may take longer time to go to the office.

When the senior staffs were asked about training opportunities, 65% of them gratified the chances given by our company. However, only 36% of the junior staff satisfied about training opportunities. Some respondents complained that some of the staff training courses was cut, such as computer software learning classes, Putonghua classes and English classes, etc. Moreover, some staff reflected that the management workshops were cancelled as the company thinks these workshops are unaffected. Therefore, they lost the chance to have a training to improve their personal skills. The junior staff showed a higher degree of dissatisfaction. The possible reason behind is that they have greater desire to upgrade themselves than the senior staff as their personal ability almost higher than the junior staff. They would like to gain more opportunities to learn more working skills. Hence, they probably have a high demand for the training opportunities.

Opportunities for promotion are also a great concern for all staff; however, the satisfaction of it for both senior staff and junior staff has a bit large difference.
Around 70% of senior staff gratified the…