The Importance Of Writing

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I like writing

To be honest I like writing, I just have a hard time putting my words on paper. I feel that my writing is average but I would like to write professional papers one day. Spelling, grammar, sentence structure, thesis, body and conclusion are some of the skills I learned in my English classes. My sister was my first teacher in English. She used a deck of cards to teach me letters and numbers in the 1960’s. The use of technology has also helped my English writing skills. These skills have taught me to write much better papers for my college classes. Also, I will use these skills in my career as a business owner writing various reports and plans. Writing is a skill I have learned from many years of education which will assist me in my academic endeavors. The English in the technological world is replacing most labor and educational jobs with programmable computers. The use of English is very beneficial in all aspects of my life and will continue to be the most important tool that I have learned. I am thankful to all who has taught me English, from the beginning of my education years to this present day. When I was in Bennett Elementary School, spelling and grammar in English class were fun and exciting to me. I remember being in all of the school spelling bees. I owe this to my sister because as a child she taught me how to play Go Fish, and Matching with a deck of cards. She was the one that taught me how to write my first sentence. She was the one that motivated me to do well at Bennett Elementary School. I still have my first-place spelling bee awards. The use of flash cards as a game was my favorite. They had the big capital letters and small ones from the alphabet which included pictures for each letter. My grammar in elementary school was excellent, according to my sister and teachers. Just the idea of learning new words and how to use the correct grammar in a sentence was new and fun. For instance, “I see spot the red dog”, was one of my first sentences that I can remember writing in school. Luckily, I did not have any problems with English throughout my elementary years but the transitions to Princeton Junior High and Youngtown South High school was challenging. In elementary we wrote about famous people like George Washington and Benjamin Franklin. At Princeton Junior High and Youngstown South High school we started doing essays and term papers that I was not prepared to do. This is where sentence structure really begins for me in writing. I believe that I became more focused on sports and girls rather than my education. Anyways, I always did well while attending school but never thought that English would be needed so much. At Princeton Junior High I began to learn the correct format on how to structure sentence when writing a paper. It was not like the simple sentences in elementary. These sentences had to make sense so that your paper can have some meaning. It took me a while to catch on but I managed to do well in English. I now realized that I was using English when I was the quarterback at Princeton Junior High. The plays in the playbook had detailed instructions written on how to execute them. The instructions had to have the proper sentence structure in order for me to execute the plays correctly. Still, my priorities were not in order. Basketball, football, and track and girls were my priorities. English just was not enjoyable to me in my early years at Princeton Junior High and Youngstown South High. As a South High Warrior student, the English writing was a joke compared to college writing. I did learn how to form a thesis statement and have a good main topic sentence. Learning how to figure out the main topic of a paragraph in high school was useful when I started doing essays. This skill would be used by me a lot in my transition to college. It took me a while to grasp the idea of having a thesis, body, and conclusion in my writing. I did not start enjoying writing until