To Become a Penguin Essay

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A Bird’s Metamorphosis Glamodous the god who was in charge of making the animals metamorphose into beautiful creatures was in need of new jewels for his upcoming arranged marriage for his daughter Penguinity. Glamodous had no luck into finding the types of jewels Penguinity wanted he began to gather around all the animals around his luxurious palace to have a contest into finding the perfect husband for his beloved daughter. Birds came and went. One of the leaders of the bird pact came and confessed to him that with his bravery he would be able to find all the jewels that ever existed. With so much courage and assurance Glamodous was convinced that he would be the man for his daughter. He sent him off to his mission into seeking his jewels. Glamodous told him that his name would be Brave and if he came back he would allow him to marry his daughter and would allow him to be a terrestrial/aquatic type of animal. With so much at stake Brave proclaimed he was ready for the prize. As he flew all over to see any shiny objects from up above he saw nothing. He flew day and night his wings got tired after a few days he decided to land into the sand of a deserted island dug around to see if any jewels would shine through the sand grains. Finding only pearls he was happy and ready to return back to the Glamodous palace. When he returned with the pearls Glamodous was not very impressed neither was Pengunity, Glamodous told him that the jewels were not shiny enough neither were they worthy of his daughter. He kept his word for he gave him the ability to be able to swim, but told him he was not the right one for his daughter. Brave with much disappointment left his palace. He told the pact that Glamodous was a fool for not seeing he was the best she could ever get. When the other birds heard what their leader said they were excited to be the ones to go try again. The ugliest, weakest one of the birds went on his way to Glamodous’ palace on his way there he found Penguinity, he day dreamed that he would be the one Penguinity would marry. She looked at him and she with much disgust looked away rushing her way off to her way. When the ugly, weak bird got to the palace.
Glamodous looked at him with disappointment. He laughed and told him to find something else to dream about. After inspecting his ugly black body he told him there was no way he would be able to find any pretty jewels. Glamodous named him Fugly and told him to get out of his sight.
Being the weakest one out