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The Will To Believe The greatest discovery of my generation is that human beings can alter their lives by

altering their attitude and Mind. The greatest revolution of our generation is the

discovery that human beings, by changing the inner Attitudes of their minds can change

the outer aspects of their lives. Our experiences and feelings are mainly

relate to our bodies and our minds. We know from our daily experience that mental

Happiness is beneficial. For instance, though two people may face the same kind of

tragedy, one person may face it more easily than the Others do to his or her mental

Attitude.I lost a love one several years ago. A very close family member. It tore my

Family apart they lost sleep couldn’t eat lost weight and had to get psychiatric help.

They said to Me “Wayne What are we going to do“? I said to them, “stop looking at this

as a lost and think about all the good times we Had together“. I cried a little and moved

past it. I kept myself busy, my mind focus on positive things and telling myself, that they

are in a better place, and I will see them again back at the house meaning in heaven

when my day comes. I did things that made me happy like fly my Rc air plane and Dee-jaying. My best friend lost her son, She went from being a positive hard working person to

be an alcoholic and drug addict. She said to me “The heart is broken and a part of her

is Gone“, I said “gone but not forgotten your love for your son will never leave as his

Spirit is still hear in your heart", " She states that she needs to be in a mental facility". I told

her to stay focus on the good and all the happy times. She let her mind dictate her

actions. I believe that the idea that all human Problems can be solved by machines and medication

is wrong, but by mind over matter it is a proven fact. Of Course, material

facilities are extremely useful. At the same time, it is quite natural that all our problems

cannot Be solved by material facilities alone. In a material society there is just as much

mental unrest and frustration, if not more. Which this prove that we are human beings

after all? We are not the product of machines and our bodies are different from purely

mechanical things. Therefore, we must think seriously about our own inner and deeper

values. I believe that if someone really wants a happy life then it is very important to

pursue both Internal and external means; in other words, material development and

mental development. One could also say “ Spiritual development", but when I say“ spiritual I mean basic human

good qualities. In which to me are human affection, a sense of involvement, honesty, discipline,

and human intelligence proper guided by good Motivation. We have all these things from birth I

believe, but