To Blame For Gatsby's Death

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Jones1 Jaelyn Jones
English 4
Period 6
15, October 2014 The blame for Gatsby’s death ultimately varies. Many people including Gatsby, created the tragedy at the end of the novel .Not one person is to blame. Everyone that was a conflict to Gatsby’s brought forth his death. To me, the only way to relieve the tension in the book was for him to die. Now at rest, Gatsby can allow Daisy to move on in her life. Throughout the book there was a series of events that left Gatsby in a hole. For example, when Gatsby confronts, Tom at the hotel, about how Daisy never loved him. Also, when Daisy runs over Myrtle, killing her, when they depart from the outburst at the hotel. This enrages Jorge to another level of revenge. Causing the physical death of Jay Gatsby. In the book Daisy showed uneasy signs of her compelling love for Gatsby. She ventured in strange love affair. After not seeing each other for five years, once they reunited the flare that they one had started to transcend. Daisy stringed Gatsby along. I say this because, in the end, Daisy chose to stay with Tom. It’s like the love Daisy had for Gatsby shriveled away. If Daisy would’ve just kept living her own life, Gatsby would've eventually moved on with his. Jorge evolved such a hatred for Gatsby when Myrtle died. Tom provoked it however. Whispering in his ear saying Gatsby was responsible for the murder when it was really Daisy. Jones2

Everything was just a secret. Jorge shot Gatsby in the heart which is very ironic. I say this because, Gatsby gave all his heart Daisy but eventually ended up with nothing. His shooting is the actual reason Gatsby died, but there is a far larger force. The book never was a common source for