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English 115
21 November 2013
A Perfect Setting for the Right Sensual Moment in The Storm
Although there are many other possible times and places for the protagonists Calixta and Alcee of Kate Chopin’s fiction story “The Storm” - to meet intimately; one particular setting that the author chooses suites the perfect moment to bring the two characters alone close enough to experience old mutual infatuations again. While Bibi and Bobinot, Calixta’s son and husband, are away from home taking cover at a local mini market store from the big storm brewing up, Calixta is home alone with
M’sieur Alcee’s at the same time, and things are sensually heating up between the two of them. In “The
Storm” Chopin is using the element of setting as the primary writing method to stylize the story and bring about the theme’s meaning. Not a lot of details is given in the story about the characters traits but much is outline how characters behave in relation to the external setting. The element of external setting in this short story helps motivate the plot, it suggests the character’s inner nature, and it changes as the plot progresses.
The effect that the setting gives in the story helps motivate the protagonist towards their actions. Bibi and Bobinot are forced to wait in the store because of the heavy rain, and Alcee asks Calixa if he can wait on the porch until the storm passes. In both instances the characters are prone to act as they did due to the natural environment. Furthermore, Alcee is forced by the heavy rain and wind to get inside the house to avoid getting rained “May I come and wait on your gallery till the storm is over,
Calixta,” he asked. As the storm continues to get stronger it forced Alcee to go inside the house. Now that they are inside the author makes great efforts to create the setting that will further motivate their

actions. Alcee is noticing the bedroom with the monumental white bed and closed shutters what for him looks mysterious, which suggest his curiosity and desire for affection. As they stood at the window staring at the storm a bolt struck a distant tree which Calixta staggered backwards and Alcee spasmodically encircles her in his arms. Here we can see how Chopin is using the strike of the lighting to jilt Calixta and find herself in Alcee’s arms. Perhaps her conscious for Bobinot wouldn’t have permitted her intentionally to do that, but in this manner it was as if it’s destined. Further on, Calixta is worried that the house will be next to be struck and Alcee draws her closer and looks in her eyes trying to assure her its safe, but something more meaningful its happening Alcee begins to take notice of her sensual nature and seductive body. We can see the parallel of their actions and the storm. They begin to feel more relaxed and eventually Alcee feels her body and Colixta without resent gives in “ They did not heed the crashing torrents, and the roar of the elements made her laugh as she lay in his arms,” (Chopin 112).
As the storm is passing away “The rain beat softly upon the shingles, inviting them to drowsiness and sleep. The rain was over, and the sun was turning the glistening green world into a palace of gems.
Calixta, on the gallery, watched Alcee ride away.” (Chopin 113). It is evident that the storm brought them together and prompted them to behave that probably otherwise would not have done so.
Another examination can be traced in the story, that the storm suggest Alcee’s and Calixta’s inner nature. Chopin portraits Calixta and Alcee with similar natures who comprehend…