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Disclaimer: So I’ve been asked to write an essay, about something that I’ve been too busy to notice… I haven’t had time to stop and smell the flowers, or even watch a plant grow. I’m a single mother of 4 year old twins therefore; they take up a good portion of my time. And it’s amazing to watch them grow, learn and explore and it’s even better when I can do those things with them. So with that being said I realized my life is my kids.

May 4th, 2009 will be a day that I will never forget. It was the day that I gave birth to my beautiful twins, even though they looked like little foreign creatures that you would see on the sci-fi channel show. My first water broke at 8 am and then the contractions started. My mother ran frantically outta the room to get the nurse and it felt like an eternity before they came to my room, but five minutes later the nurse and my mother came into the room. They got me set up for labor and moved me to the big fancy rooms used for delivering the babies. These rooms were like the Rolls Royce of hospital rooms. Once I was in the room the doctor came in and wanted in put an intrauterine monitoring device on the twins, so he had his student doctor do it. As he pulled the trigger on the device my son’s water broke and splashed warm amniotic fluid all over him. He looked at me with disgust and my doctor just laughed at him and jokingly said “I hope you have other scrubs here!” which made me laugh. As they started to get the signal from the monitor my son ripped it out and to this day still has a small scar from it.

Fast forward fourteen hours later and my doctor came in again, this time he told me that I had done my best and it was time for a C-section. They wheeled me into the operating room at 10 pm; they gave me a spinal block using a needle that was at least a foot long and put an oxygen mask on my face, at 10:20 they