To Drill or Not to Drill Essay

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While population increases around the world, so does pollution. An increased population means that people need more resources to make their daily lives comfortable, and to keep up with daily routines and habits. Some people think that the world should move towards using more renewable energy in order to meet energy needs as well as keeping pollution down. People who support renewable energy also support the idea of not drilling for oil any longer. The people who are opposed to forcing renewable energy on companies say that renewable energy would cause an increase in customer rates, and the energy itself is not easily measured. Those opposed to moving towards renewable energy say that that the success of such a project is not guaranteed and might actually cost customers and manufacturers in the long run. These people are also content with continuing to drill. In my opinion, we should not spend large amounts of money and pass laws saying that companies have to start using renewable energy methods that may not even work. If people are so worried about pollution in the air, or a disappearing O-zone then they should start focusing on companies that pollute. For right now, drilling for oil is working for us, so we should keep doing it until we find another energy method that is guaranteed to work as effectively or more effectively. Where I live there are sugar cane factories that throw out unfiltered smoke and ashes, sometimes it can be very hard to breathe here. I think all other avenues should be exhausted before we try to implement something that is not one hundred percent guaranteed to work. I do however think that we will eventually need to find something to replace non-renewable sources such as oil. The perceptual blocks that keep me from understanding the opposing view point is saturation, problem isolation, and recognition. Saturation is a perceptual block for me on this issue because there are so many facts to consider that I am being slightly overwhelmed. I have to realize that there are two sides to this problem. For one, nonrenewable resources will have to be renewed eventually, and two creating these resources will be expensive. Problem Isolation is a perceptual block that also affects me on this issue because with all of the saturation that I am experiencing, I am having a hard time separating problems from