To Each His Own

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To Each His Own
Many people in today’s society have a difficult time choosing where they want to call home and make a living. The two main choices are either the city or the country. That’s pretty simple right? Well, it may be harder than it seems. Each setting has its own advantages, as well as disadvantages. This is a vast decision that affects all aspects of a person’s everyday life, and every detail should be considered. What people don’t understand is the beauty of farms can’t be compared with modern cities. Although the city offers everything, to find one’s self you have to reside in the country.
In the city there are countless obstacles that take away nature’s true beauty. For instance an absence of trees and an abundance of buildings harm the environment. Also, noise disturbance in the city is a big factor. At night, the bright city lights make the skyline and the breath taking view of the stars invisible. Life style in the city is complicated to say the least. People in the city commute by taxi cabs, shuttle busses, and subway trains due to the amount of people in the city and the cost of parking. This causes people to go to the grocery store more often simply because they can’t hold a bulk amount of groceries on the taxies, busses, or trains and the store is usually closer to people’s homes. Shopping in the city is easier because there are stores all around. City people have more options and available restaurants to choose from, limiting the home cooked meals with family. There are more career opportunities in the city because there are more businesses to choose from that consist of a variety of different jobs. Hours are always fixed to the same schedule with little flexibility, working weekdays and off weekends.
Living in the country, the surroundings are very attractive; without a doubt, the sunrise and sunset are one of the most stunning things a person will ever see in a lifetime. Houses in the country are pretty and simple with barns and farm land. Without all the bright lights from the city, the night sky becomes visible, allowing one to explore all the stars. Minus all the traffic from the city, the country is peaceful