To Extend Or Shrink A Partition On A Basic Disk Is.

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Robert Smith
Ch. 4 Questions

1. By default, Windows 7 standard users are permitted to install Plug and Play devices only if their drivers are __Digitally signed___. 2. The debilitating condition in which files are stored as clusters scattered all over a disk is called ____Fragmentation______. 3. The file system included in Windows 7 that is specifically designed for use on flash drives is called ____Fat32_____. 4. Technically speaking, you create ____Partitions______ on basic disks and ____Volumes____ on dynamic disks. 5. In Windows 7, the ____Fat32_____ file system is limited to volumes no larger than
32 gigabytes. 6. The digital signature of a driver consists of a ____Checksum______ that is appended to the driver itself before publication. 7. To create a fourth primary partition on a basic disk, you must use the ____Disk Managment____ utility. 8. To extend or shrink a partition on a basic disk, you must be a member of the ___Backup operator___ or _____Administrator____ group. 9. The default partition style used by Windows 7 on an x86 computer is ____MBR_____.
10. All digitally signed drivers have undergone _____Windows Quality Labs_____ testing.

T F 1. There is no way to create a fourth primary partition on a basic disk in Windows 7.
T F 2. Striped volumes provide greater fault tolerance than simple volumes.
T F 3. All dynamic disks have only one partition on them.
T F 4. By default, all device drivers must be