To Hear or Not to Hear Essay

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To Hear or Not to Hear Drusilla Bostrom

I think that there are enough legitimate reasons in this world for people to argue, but when it comes to a family's decision to receive the cochlear implant, the rest of us need to just let them be. There is already too much tension between the hearing and deaf communities and this operation is creating even more. What we need to focus on is the fact that this implant can do amazing things and has the potential to change lives. Every person handles situations in their own way and every family has different circumstances to consider. Many people seem to think that choosing to get the implant is either a great, wise thing to do or a horrible, conformist decision. I think that each person has their own reasons, worries, and questions and the most important factor is knowledge. As long as everyone knows and understands the benefits versus the risk before making a final decision, whatever they choose is best.

It pains me to see the deaf community argue so fiercely over something so personal. If a family is making this decision for a baby, there is surely already enough stress and emotion over the simple fact that their baby was born lacking something that most of our world can't comprehend a life without. Deaf people should be especially understanding and considerate when members of their community are making such an important decision. They should remember the struggles and prejudice that one can be put through, growing up deaf. Although this operation cannot make a deaf person hearing, it can bring sound where there was once nothing. This…