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Dear John

I can’t really remember that when was the first time we actually became friends. The only one thing that I can remember is you are a really great friend of mine. Apart from 2 of my friends at school, you are the only one who cares about me. Sometimes I felt like I’m not belong to St.Matha because I’m too different from them, I got in there because of the scholarship, I mean I’m not rich.

By the way do u still remember the Social Dance that we want to? I should have gone home with you instead of Jacob. First time I thought he’s going drive me home with a panel van but he actually had a motorcycle so he ridded me home. Then he was asking me to go on a date with him and I said “yes”, it was the worse decision I had ever made in my life! I was preparing myself for hours but then he came with casual clothes. He was acting like he just woke up and didn’t take a shower. I was so angry at that time.

John…actually, in that Social Dance I was really wanted to dance with you. I told my mom and nonna that I’m going to die if you don’t ask me to dance. My mom said “try not to make it too public, you disgrace the family”.

John, I have confessions. I feel like I’m floating into the heaven and in the same time I’m also exited to exchange my letter with yours. And all the time that we have been together made me feel like I’m sitting on the top of the world, it because of your gentle and kindness. Thank you for encouraging me. And I want to say that “I LOVE U JOHN…with