To Kill A Mockingbird: An Unequal Society

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A Unequal Society
Imagine a world where everyone was not treated the same or wasn't seen as a human being. People are treated differently just because of their race, racism was unspeakable to see and live it-awkward sentence. Need to reword for clarity. In the novel To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee.Judgement is seen everyday at schools and wherever you go.Because in the book grown up black man named Tom Robinson is being accused of raping a nineteen year old girl named Mayella. and Who?were racism and judgment are being seen in this case because of this race. The why? people judge others is because of the way they look,dress,type of shoes they have, etc.My reasons are that judegement and racism are things that happen in our society is
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But the whites were above any other race, because they claim themselves as the perfect race. Races were being separated back then blacks in their own school but conditions of the blacks wereas horrible because they weren't seen as human being but seen for working for whites and being slaves in 1930s there were no slaves in US and not getting paid much yed at all for theirre very hard work. Whites did not worryed about anythingnothing because they were perfect and given the best conditions. Lots of context here but let’s break it down in two sentences. An example of the mistreatment of blacks is shown with character Tom Robinson is being accused of raping the daughter of Mr.Ewell a white man. ,Tom is black and for his race even that he abused her and beat her, but it wasn't his attention to beat her There was no evidence to suggest it was true but was accused because. Mr.Ewell testtified was testifying what he saw and he was that “some nigger’d raped his girl”, (Leepage 223)This quote shows racism by the term he uses “Nigger” this word is offensive today, why because the definition of “nigger is a contemptuous term for a black or dark skinned person”. This word causes lot of emotional feelings because you're talking about a while race. How does this quote relate to Tom being falsely accused? And everyone should respect the person no matter how they look, …show more content…
Because racism is something that shouldn't ever exist because today lots of races don't get along, and for that for them to get along is to stop racism and let everyone get along and make our world a better place.Judgment shouldn't exist because it causes lots of emotional effect in people's lives and mind. It can hurt kids because for not having the best things everyone has, so judgment shouldn't exist because our society will grow even more with everyone judging others based on what they have and type of shoes etc. So this is why racism and judgment shouldn't exist or be seen today in our world because the book teaches us the these two reasons can affect anything and