To Kill A Mockingbird Examples Of Courage

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In Harper Lee’s, To Kill A Mockingbird there were many examples of outstanding courage. Atticus Finch does not raise his children like everyone else in Maycomb County, his children run around undisciplined and drive the neighbors mad or so people think. Atticus Finch raises his children to not conform to what the rest of Macomb Thinks. He wants them to believe what’s right, not what everyone else believes, this is what makes him different than other parents.
One character in the book, Mrs. Dubose did not do heaps of courageous things like other characters, but she did one doughty action before her sudden death. Mrs. Dubose was a serious Morphine addict, she had a great deal of fits and not many visitors, she was very forlorn. After Jem got mad at Mrs. Dubose for disparaging his father, he demolished her garden. However, this was not the end of the dispute between the two, Mrs. Dubose demanded that he read to her every afternoon for a month. He read to her everyday for a month and when it was finally over she died. Jem did not know or understand that Mrs. Dubose was addicted to Morphine or that she was just trying to quit. Mrs. Dubose was having Jem read to her to distract herself from her addiction. This showed her spectacular bravery when she was trying to fight off her addiction. She knew she was dying and tried to fearlessly
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I find this very valiant for many reasons, she did not have to help Atticus at all or even during the trial. The children were running around wild while Atticus was at work. Aunt Alexandra tried to be an exemplar feminine figure in their lives, despite the kids disliking her. She even exhibited courage with the ladies of Maycomb when Tom died. She kept a straight face, pretended nothing was wrong and carried on her day. She was brave, but not in the ways people