To Kill A Mockingbird Growing Up Research Paper

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Growing Up
Every child at some point in their life has had a moment where they wish they were an adult. Sometimes it’s because we do not want to be considered “little” or wanted to understand things better. In the book To Kill A Mockingbird, Harper Lee shows that children have a lot of growing up to do before they can be considered an adult and that it may take some time for the change to happen. To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee is a great example of how children grow up to see things differently than they did as younger kids. An example of children growing up is in the beginning of our story, Jem, brother of the main character, lies to his father Atticus. The kids were playing a game they made up. The game was about impersonating the Radley’s. Atticus happened to walk by and see
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In an article it says “Significant changes in brain anatomy and activity are still taking place during young adulthood, especially in prefrontal regions that are important for planning ahead, anticipating the future consequences of one’s decisions, controlling impulses, and comparing risk and reward. Indeed, some brain regions and systems do not reach full maturity until early or mid-20s.” This proves why Jem and Scout do not really grow up fully because they are still young and their brains have not finished growing. Another example of how people grow up is in an article called Character Growth: change, maturing. It talks about how people change just like characters in movies or books. The article says, “They live, they acquire, experience and knowledge, they integrate that knowledge into their minds and their personalities and behavior, and they become a new person. This is called growth. In a story, the character must change, and should do so gradually from scene one to the ending scene. Sometimes characters refuse to change, or refuse to see the need to change. Their change is more climatic, and comes all at once at the