To Kill A Mockingbird Letter

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To the Editor of the Maycomb County Herald:

Our whole town is being affected by the recent trial of Tom Robinson. Unfortunately, it seems that the trial is only pointing out the shortcomings and prejudices of our white community. Many of our town’s residents are narrow-minded and unforgiving. The sins of the fathers are being blamed upon the sons, despite the sons often having no knowledge of the transgressions. In addition, wrongdoings for which a person has already been tried and the sentence served, are never forgotten or forgiven. I personally have felt deeply saddened by the actions made by the inhabitants of Maycomb County. Recently, I took a walk to the courthouse to attend the trial of Mr. Robinson. Along the pathway, people blatantly stared at me in disgust as if I had just committed a crime. They shooed their children away from me. I felt their wrath for my actions of long ago; they did not see the moral person I am now. These same citizens are blind to Tom’s innocence. Tom Robinson is a hard-working, honest man with a family to feed. Upon entering the courthouse, I began to fear the worst: the white community, which is represented on the 12 member jury, will be unduly influenced by the Ewells’ version of events simply because the Ewells are white; subsequently, the jury will condemn Mr. Robinson without listening to the real facts. Close-minded jurors will not seek the truth, because it seems easier to follow preconceived ideas based upon intolerant