To Kill a Miockingbird Essay

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Social class Prejudice To Kill a Mockingbird Prejudice is an unreasonable dislike of or preference for something. Prejudice makes people hate each other. Prejudice influences our community; also affect some group people against others. To Kill a Mockingbird is a novel by a famous American author named Harper Lee. Published in 1960, this book has become successful and a classic of modern American literature. Social class prejudice is formulated potentially; people from different social class behave differently. That causes prejudice between each other. Social class and prejudice is a central theme in this novel, it is emphasized by the characterization of three unique characters from different statues: Bob Ewell, Tom Robinson and Aunt Alexandra. There are four different class statuses in Maycomb. Firstly it is divide into two big groups, one is white and the other one is black. Secondly in white people’s group, they divide into three different statuses: the rich, the middle and the lowest. All three still have higher social position than black people. Bob Ewell is a perfect example of the lowest social status among the white people, his personal behavior demonstrate this social hierarchy. Bob Ewell is a person who did not accept any educations; he can read a little but cannot write. Alcohol is his best friend, he is drunk every day. He is easy to get angry and he likes to hit other people. Rude and impolite are words that the other person’s thinking about him. Bob Ewell does not know how to respect other person, and all things he has done is disgraceful. “Atticus was leaving the post office when Mr Ewell approached him, cursed him, spat on him, and threatened to kill him” (Lee. 239). He does not know how to communicate with other people and how to be respectful. His characteristic decides which social hierarchy he should be and that behavior is the cause of prejudice.

Tom Robinson has the lowest social status in Maycomb, because he is black and he has no money. He is the most innocent and tragic person in the novel To Kill a Mockingbird. His color of skin makes his life become difficult, and makes him have less chance to get a job. So that causes his family to have less money and have the lowest social status in that society. Not only is him, Tom Robinson also is the perfect example that represents the social hierarchy of all black people. In that era of money, no money is equal to nothing.

“‘Got in a fight with another man, he tried to cut me,’ ‘Did he succeed?’ ‘Yes suh, a little, not enough to hurt. You see, I—’ Tom moved his left shoulder. ‘Yes,’ said Atticus. ‘You were both convicted?’ ‘Yes suh, I had to serve’ cause I couldn’t pay the fine. Other fellow paid his’n,’” (Lee.210)

Both of them have same faults, even that white guy has more serious problem than Tom, however, Tom has no money so he got record but that white man paid and nothing happen to him. Social prejudice causes the different social status. Tom Robinson is in the lowest status in that community, just because he is black.