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During the Great Depression, life for many people was difficult but especially for African Americans. In To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Tom Robinson feels the same way. In this book Lee shows Atticus as a lawyer with two children, who decides to defend Tom in a difficult case. Lee portrays Atticus desire to do what is right through the trail of Tom Robinson and his children to prove that anything is worth saving.
In this story Atticus shows his desire to do what is right through the trail of Tom Robinson. Days before the trail, Atticus goes to the county jail to protect Tom from any outsiders during the middle of the night. While he is sitting down reading, a group of drunken men show up telling Atticus to leave. Atticus tells them “You can turn around and go home” (Lee202). Atticus sticks up for what is right by telling an angry drunk mob to go home. He believes that doing what is right can go a long way and can even save a person’s life. Furthermore Atticus desire to do what is right is explained during the Trail of Tom Robinson in the courtroom. The trail has just started and Atticus asks Bob Ewell up for questioning. He asks Mr. Ewell what did Mayella face look like after being raped? Mr. Ewell thinks that these are pointless questions so instead yells out “I seen that black nigger yonder ruttin on my Mayella! (Lee231). Atticus is showing the jury that Mr. Ewell has no proof of the raping incident. Somebody should not be put to death because a white man accuses an African American of raping his daughter.
Later on in the novel Atticus desire to do the right thing is revealed when his children get shotguns. It is Christmas and Uncle Jack has come over to stay with Jem and Scout. When Jem and Scout open their presents they find shotguns that are from Uncle Jack. They both ask if they can go out and shoot them. Before they leave Atticus tells them “remember it is a sin to kill and mockingbird” (Lee119). Atticus