To Kill a Mocking Bird Essay

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Everone is different unique acceptance
Despite everybody different difference is th

What is happening?
Jem, Scout and Dill are at the courthouse when they come upon Mr Dolphus Raymond the town drunk. They then discuss about Mr Dolphus Raymond. Mr Raymond has a African American wife and has mixed children that are both African American and White

Three Language Devices

Is prejudice a part of Australian Society?
Yes prejudice is and always will be apart of Australian Society, Our nation is too multicultural to not have prejudice. We accept and accommodate tens of religious beliefs, political views, heritage, ages, sex’s, upbringings, cultural views, education, morale beliefs, races, sexual orientation and so forth. Australia always strives to be with out prejudice but there will always be people who will not accept others based

Is prejudice a part of American Society?
American’s consist of a huge population of non progressive citizens. Rednecks and hillbilly’s who aren’t from modern backgrounds who can accept multi cultural societies

Where does prejudice come from?
Prejudice comes from society with more than two religious beliefs, sexual orientations, races etc. And

Tim Johnson becomes a powerful symbol of racism. Tim Johnson the black dog is foreshadowing of Tom Robinson. These people/animals are both parallel. Both are kind and loved, both victims and both unfortunate ends. They are ultimately innocent but have to be put down. Courage is taking responsibility for your actions such as Jem making up with racist and unlikable next door neighbour. Mrs Dubose is easy to unlike and insults Atticus and Jem ruins her flowers but Atticus wants Jem to be courageous and make up with Mrs Dubose

We overcome prejudice with empathy and understanding and acceptance. Jem reconciling with Mrs Dubose is a symbol that we can reconcile in term of colour as well

The white camellia is a flower and is a symbol of Mrs Dubose wanting to reconcile.
Atticus has taken a light to the prison to read
Injustice stems from a prejudiced perspective
Innocence can diffuse anger and develop fresh perspective

“Shadows became substance as
In the light from its bare bulb, Atticus was sitting propped against the door.
Lee, uses symbolism in chapter 15 to develop
Shadows became substance as light revealed solid shapes moving towards the jail door
Lee uses symbolism to represent the power of knowledge which can illuminate the ‘shadows’ of ignorance in society. The light from its bare bulb is aligned with Atticus as he is sitting beneath the globe reading therefore the author is suggesting that he is associated with the connotations of light: wisdom and knowledge. Lee extends this symbol in the line ‘Shadows became substance as the light revealed solid shapes.’

Light is symbolizing knowledge whereas the shadows represent ignorance. This means light has the power to reveal ignorance.
My Friendly overture had fallen flat
Scout’s friendliness had ended because of the harshness

light revealed solid shapes moving towards the jail door

Essay Homework 100 words each minimum

How does Lee use the incident with Tim Johnson to develop an idea about prejudice?

Lee uses Tim Johnson as a foreshadowing of Tom Robinson and it is no co incident that they both names sound similar. Tim Johnson represents by using both physical and emotional similarities. Tim Johnson is a black dog that is a kind and well loved person in the community. However when Tim Johnson gets rabies’s he is viewed in a completely different light. He is seen as dangerous and mad. Whereas on this inside he is still the lovable dog the community embraces. But is killed without second thought because of something he could not help. He did not chose to get rabies but he did and for that he was persecuted like Tom Robinson he did not