To Kill A Mocking Bird Essay

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The First Day
Everyone has a significant memory of events that have occurred in their life, whether they were pleasant or rotten. In the short story “The First Day”, the author Edward P. Jones narrates a little girl’s first day of school, and explores the impact of a mother’s dream for her daughter. The protagonist is a five-year-old girl from an unfortunate single family who gets registered by her mother to attend kindergarten. You have to always think the first day of school is not the only thing that is important, but also the everyday is important; because everything is accumulated little by little, step by step and day by day. It doesn’t matter how small or big an event is all events change the perspective of people and in this story there are many events that occur that change the perspective of this little girl towards her mom.

The first day of school had changed the little girls perspective on her mother. Her mother was trying to make her someone she wasn’t. Her mom was dressing her up; doing her hair and bought her some new clothes for school, she wanted her to look classy. This had changed the perspective of the girl when she thought about or looked at her mother. The mother had to do this because she didn’t want her daughter to really find out who she was and who they are. If the little girl had found who they really were this would have changed the perspective of the little girl on her mother and her mother wouldn’t be able to bear the shame.

When they leave to go to school this changes the girls perspective again about her mother. Her mother takes her to a school named Seaton Elementary a school that the girl was not allowed to go to because it was not in their district. The mother had taken her here because she didn’t know were any other schools were and she never knew this one was not in their district because she was an illiterate. As they walk in to check in a female meets them and the mom tells her where they live the lady shook her head and said you cannot go here. Her mom starts to act like she knew what she was doing by questioning the lady because she didn’t want her daughter to see that she didn’t know and understand what was going on. The mom starts to argue about why she cannot attend this school this changes the perspective of the girl on her mother. The little girl is watching her mom losing a fight that her mom knew she could never win. This changed her perspective on her mother because she thought her mother was high class and had more authority than the lady and to see her loose made her change her perspective on her by thinking that she didn’t know what she was doing.

Now when they get to the school where they were supposed to be this changes her overall perspective on her mother. Walker-Jones is the school that she will attend, her mom approached the table were a lady was sitting. She asked her if this is where you…