To Kill a Mocking Bird Essay

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Michael La Spina
English 2nd period
Prompt 1 In To Kill a Mocking Bird Harper Lee uses scouts interactions with various characters to show the racism in her town.
I believe that Harper Lee uses scout to show her emotions and feelings on certain people and topics. Like when scout talks about Boo-Raidley I think all of those wonders about him were what Harper Lee was feeling. When Scout and Jem were trying to get the note that they wrote to Boo-Raidley to him, Scout was very curious about what Boo-Raidley may think of them.
Scout also disliked Bob Ewell for his dishonesty and racist heart. She hated him for his dishonesty toward the court room and how he ended up killing Tom Robinson in the long run. That dislike showed how Harper Lee felt toward Bob Ewell and his actions. Harper also showed how she hated how Bob Ewell treated Scout’s dad because she wanted her dad to carry a gun just in case Bob Ewell tried to kill him.
Harper Lee showed her love for Atticus by having Scout always love her dad’s wisdom and his balance. Atticus was a loving kind of guy who always somehow knew what was good and bad and right and wrong. Scout knew her dad has a lot of wisdom and Harper Lee made Atticus a very smart person who could raise both Scout and Jem in the book to make sure that they knew what was right to do in the problems and situations they went through.
Harper Lee obviously had a good mind and a very happy spirit to make such a character as Scout. She was smart for