to kill a mocking bird Essay

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During the Tom Robinson trial in To Kill a Mocking Bird, Harper Lee used innocence to show that black people are not always guilty for every crime. People would think that there higher in society and judge others by the color of their skin and think that if a crime involves an African American, it makes them automatically guilty if there accused.

During Mayella’s side of the story, Mayella states that Tom punched her on the right side of the face and choked her at the same time. Atticus pointed out that he couldn’t have done it by making him stand up showing innocence that his left hand was shriveled up and “no use to him” (Lee, 186) due to an accident when he was younger, making her story be imposable to be true because for him to be able to hit her on the right side of the face, he would have to be left handed. By the way Atticus was acting and his motive, he must believe that Tom didn’t commit this crime and respect’s him and everyone unlike the other attorney Mr. Glimmer asking “weren’t you boy?” (Lee, 196) almost treating him like trash. Through this, Harper was showing that the way people treat and judge African American’s even when there innocent.

Back then, people didn’t think of the chance that most black people could be innocent. They would assume that they are guilty even though those few people that were convicted could be innocent. This was natural for them though to think that but it’s still wrong to say that their guilty even if they didn’t do…