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To Kill a Mockingbird
Harper Lee

Main Characters of the Novel There are three main characters of the novel: Scout, Jem, and Atticus. Scout, whose full name is Jean Louise Finch, is Atticus’s daughter and Jem’s brother. She is the narrator and protagonist, with a unique personality. Scout is very tomboyish, wearing overalls all the time instead of the proper attire for a lady, which is a dress. Also, she is very intelligent for her age, learning to read before she went to first grade. Atticus is Scout and Jem’s widowed father. He is a wise, intelligent, non-predujice lawyer. Being respected by everyone in Maycomb County, they turn to him in times of trouble. For fun, Atticus likes to sit around and read the paper and spend time with Jem and Scout. Jem is Atticus’s son and Scout’s sister. He is four years older than Scout, but plays a little with her at the beginning of the book. As the book progresses on, he matures, not playing with Scout anymore, and looking at things from and adult’s point of view. Character Qualities
Some characters that show good qualities throughout the book are Scout, Arthur “Boo” Radley, and Heck Tate. Scout demonstrates uniques because she is not afraid to speak her opinion and she has a very unique personality because of her tomboyish ways. Also, she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself, which is a quality that eveyone needs to have. Atticus is non-racist, and stands up for the helpless, like the black and poor people of Maycomb County. Arthur “Boo” Radley is a very mysterious figure, but he is also kind, compassionate man. For example, when Miss Maudie’s house catches on fire, Scout and Jem go outside. During the confision of everyone trying to put the fire out, Boo puts a blanket around Scout’s shoulders to keep her from getting cold.
Conflicts of the Main Character Scout faces many conflicts throughout To Kill A Mockingbird. She has to deal with constant bullying because her dad took the case of Tom Robinson. Her innocence is also put to the test multiple times because of the evilness of human beings and Tom Robinson’s trial. As the book progresses on, she struggles to maintain the thought of all humans having good in them, no matter how evil they are sometimes. Also, towards the end of