To Kill a Mocking Bird Mwds Essay

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Grant Schroeder
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Major Works Data Sheet: Do not cut/paste from a website, which is a form of plagiarism. Title: To Kill a MockingBird | Biographical information about the author: | Author: Harper Lee | Born April 28, 1926Grew up in a small townFather was a lawyerOnly novel publishedWon Pulitzer prize | Pub. Date: 1960 | Genre: Historical Fiction | Historical information about the period of publication or setting of the novel: | Post Civil war social classes rich plantation owners Middle class businesses and professionals lower classmade up of laborers and blacks Great Depression Dust Bowl |
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This quote shows the knowledge Atticus posses and how he knows that this case was predetermined but still tried to get the jury to do the right thing. He knows that the jury is racist and does not believe Tom. |
Major Works Data Sheet Characters | Name | Role in the story | Significance | Adjectives | Scout Jem Atticus Aunt Alexandra Dill Miss Maudie Calpurnia Heck Tate Miss Rachel Tom Robinson Mayella Ewell Mr. Bob Ewell Miss Stephanie Crawford Dolphus Raymond Mr. Link Deas Boo (Arthur) Radley Uncle Jack Mrs. Dubose Miss Caroline Cousin Joshua Rev. Sykes Judge Taylor Mr. Gilmer Mr. Nathan Radley Helen Robinson Mr. Walter Cunningham Walter Cunningham Jr. Miss Merriweather Mr. BB Underwood Cecil Jacobs | Narrator Scout's brother Scout and Jem's dad, Town's lawyer Atticus’ Sister and Scout and Jem’s Aunt Jem and Scout’s Friend Scout and Jem's “mother figure” African American nanny for Scout and Jem Sheriff of Maycomb Dill’s Aunt person accused of “rape” The person who got “raped” in the trial Mayella’s Father Neighborhood Gossip married to an African American women Tom's boss Scout and Jim's protecter Atticus’ Brother Elderly neighbor Scout’s 1st Grade Teacher Cousin of Jem and Scout Pastor at the African Church Judge at Tom’s Trial Ewell's lawyer