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Hi and thank you for coming out to the town hall today, it’s an honour to be with you. My name is Scout and today, I’m not representing myself, today I’m representing the children of Maycomb, the future adults of Maycomb. You, as the education standards authority for Maycomb, Alabama have a considerable decision to make about the future of this town and ultimately the United States.
Ask yourself, What is the reason to not extend the education in the town of Maycomb to reach its full potential… every day, I walk to school and I see a tired old town, red slop when it’s raining, grass on the sidewalks, a saggy courthouse and men’s stiff collars wiltering. Is Maycomb a joyous, lively, playful, chirpy town? Of course not! What I had to experience during my primary years of education was extremely disrespectful…
I had to undo the damage of being extended further than the rest of my class.
I had to stand in the corner of the class until noon just because I was eager to learn.
I had to be in a class with every student repeating the year because they failed last year
What do you think education is? Education is freedom, power, and opportunity. Education is a powerful weapon. With education, you can change the world. We are a diverse world, a diverse nation, a diverse town. Each and every one of us needs the opportunity to be educated. It is a time to change, the time is right now. Education is more than acquiring knowledge. It empowers people to develop personally and become active towards advancing the world. These are awful standards and the education system and teachers are completely incompetent of educating the children. It needs to change. It needs to change now.
We believe in forming opportunities through learning and education.
We believe that we are responsible. We are responsible for the poor education, but we are responsible