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To Kill a Mockingbird Active Reading Log One major objective of our course is to create active, critical readers who engage with the text they are reading rather than passively receiving it or simply reading the words on the page. To help you “actively” read Harper Lee’s To Kill a Mockingbird, you will complete the following tasks as you read the book.

To be kept in the book

Post-it notes: Post a minimum of three sticky notes per nightly reading assignment Some ideas for posting: ← Foreshadowing/prediction ← Character change or development ← Developing theme, symbol, or motif ← Pivotal event ← Personal connection ← Question you have/clarification you need ← Inference (your ability to read between the lines—“this really means…”)

On your sticky note, you should record your thoughts—keep it specific but brief: “Why does Jem tell Scout to hush when she asks Dill about his dad?” “Example of self vs. society theme” “I think Atticus knows what the children are up to”

To be kept in the literature section of your binder (organized sequentially)

Chapter title: Harper Lee does not title her chapters. I’d like for you to create a title for each chapter. Chapter names are sometimes as simple as an object or event or a phrase in the chapter. I’d like you, for the most part, to try to steer away from the more literal chapter titles, and try to create titles that creatively capture the essence of the chapter. Briefly explain your choice.

Key quote: For each chapter, I’d like you to record a quote (anything word for word from the book, whether it be narration or dialogue) that you think is most important or best represents the essence of the chapter. Include the quote with its speaker and correctly cited page number. Briefly explain your choice.

These tasks will be checked periodically and the chapter title and key quote assignments will be collected at the conclusion of the unit and will