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To Kill a Mockingbird
The novel “To Kill a Mockingbird” authored by Harper Lee shows many differences though some similarities of both Atticus Finch; a well-educated caring father to his two children, and Robert Ewell; who is the complete opposite to Atticus Finch in most ways though as said has very small similarities. Atticus Finch’s and Robert Ewell’s living standards and housing have alterations between the two of them. The two fathers have family structures that include both things in common as well as complete differences. These parents also have different types of reputations within the community as well as the type of class they are in.
Atticus Finch’s and Robert Ewell’s living standards and housing are very different between the two of them. One thing though that they do have in common is that they both live within the town of Maycomb County. This suggests the wide variety of people in this town. Huge differences though include the state of their houses, the way they obtain their food and their children’s education. Atticus Finch’s house is a very well kept neat household where as Robert Ewell’s house consists of many things that aren’t civil like as most common households include. Atticus Finch’s home is told within the novel with having a tree house which shows how much he cares for his children than how much Robert Ewell does for his. Robert Ewell would never supply a decent amount of food for his children. They would generally have to go and scavenge for some in the dumpster or simply steal some, unlike Atticus, who would earn a living from his job and supply the food to his children. In the second chapter of the book Scout, Jean Louise Finch, begins school. She is told that she is being taught wrong and should not know how to read or write in the first grade at her age. When Robert Ewell’s son begins school, it is his third year in the first grade and he cannot read nor write and can barely speak properly. This shows the amount of effort that both parents puts into their children’s education and how much they care for them.
The Finch family consists of Atticus and his children. The Ewell family consists of Robert and his children. Both family’s mothers and wife’s have passed away in the novel. This is a relationship between the Finch and Ewell that they both have in common. This is a similarity that I think has affected both the children of both families and majorly the husbands Atticus and Robert. This may also be a key fact of why Robert Ewell doesn’t care as much as Atticus does. The Ewell children are badly dressed and have bad hygiene in relation to the Finch children. This has got to do with the state of the Ewell’s poverty. Atticus also has a strong relationship with his children unlike Robert Ewell does with his. Atticus wants the best for his children as when Scout begins school she gets into some fights and Atticus talks to Scout telling her “not to use her fists but use what’s up here” (pointing to his head or brain when he says here). Robert on the other had probably does the complete opposite insisting his children to give his teachers mayhem and trouble as his son makes Miss Caroline to tear up