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Innocence is a time where a person has never done something wrong, through the novel innocence is experienced. In To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, symbolism plays an important role. There is one symbol that Harper Lee incorporated into the novel and that helps develop ideas by Scout and Jem; a mockingbird. In my life I have gone through many situations where I have been innocent and it has moved on to experience. Multiple characters in this novel are innocent but their innocence is destroyed by evil. The mockingbird is the symbolism of the innocence in this case. In The novel three characters who are mockingbirds are Tom Robinson, Jem Finch and Boo Radley.

Tom Robinson is a mockingbird because he was falsely accused of raping a white woman. He was helping Mayella do chores around her house and she took advantage of him. Tom never touched Mayella, she only did that because of his race; he was only trying to help her. The person who really tried to rape Mayella was her father. “The state has not produced one iota of medical evidence to the effect that the crime Tom Robinson is charged with ever took place”(Lee 203). Also, after being convicted, Tom Robinson was shot 17 times and killed trying to escape from prison. He felt as if he had no hope after the trial and that he was going to being put to death. “I guess Tom was tired of the white men’s chances and preferred to take his own…”(Lee 256). Tom Robinson is a black man who as falsely accused of raping a white woman and killed. In conclusion his innocence was destroyed, like a mockingbird.

Another person who is a mockingbird in this novel is Boo Radley; he is a innocent boy who was basically put away by his father after a prank. Boo Radley is a very shy person who likes to stay inside and often misjudged by his community. Scout and Jem also misjudged him. Most of the Maycomb people think that he is creepy because of the rumors surrounding him. “Inside the house lived a malevolent phantom. People said he existed, but Jem and I have never seen him. People said he went out at night when the moon was down, and peeped in windows”(Lee 8). When Bob Ewell attacked Scout and Jem, Boo Radley interferes and saves them by killing Bob Ewell. The sheriff Heck Tate convinces Atticus