Who Wrote To Kill A Mockingbird

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Who wrote to kill a mockingbird? Harper Lee
What is the setting of the book? Maycomb, Alabama in the 1930’s

Identify and tell the rolls of five characters.
Scout- she is the protagonist of the story, she lives with Atticus, Jem, and Calpurnia. She is very smart and a tomboy. She has a basic faith of goodness which is tested in the trial.
Atticus- A lawyer and a widow. He has a strong since of morality and equality, he shows this while accepting the Tom Robinson case. He is the moral backbone. His personality and actions are consistent throughout the story.
Jem- brother of Scout and son of Atticus, four years older than scout, always played with scout in the beginning of the book. He gets shaken badly buy the inequality in the Tom Robinson case.
Bob Ewell- he accused Tom Robinson of raping his daughter, he is a drunk, and unemployed. He is ignorant and racist.
Boo Radley- never leaves his house, leaves little things in a knothole in a tree. He is a mockingbird. Latter Boo’s brother fills the hole with cement cutting off the communication with Jem and Scout.
What is the meaning of the Mockingbird symbol? The mockingbird symbol represents innocence which is destroyed when the mockingbird is killed.
Who are the two mockingbirds? Boo Radley because he is a good person who was damaged by his father, He was a good kid destroyed by the evil of his father. Tom Robinson is another mockingbird because he was an honest working black man when Bob Ewell lies and says he raped his daughter which was a complete lie. She asked him to help her with something around the house. This was an honest man destroyed by a drunk.
Is this a good coming to age story?