To Kill A Mockingbird Essay

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Analyzing A Theme From To Kill A Mockingbird

The Thematic Subject I Chose Was Courage. I Chose Courage Because Throughout The Whole Book Many Of The Characters Has Had To Be Brave Or Had To Confront Fear, Pain, Danger, Uncertainty Or Intimidation. It Relates To The Novel In Many Ways Like Through Ms.Dubose , Mr. Atticus Finch , Mr. Boo Radley , Mr.Jem Finch , Mr.Underwood , Ms.Calpurnia And Alot Of Other Characters. Courage Is Presented Whether It’s Physical Or Moral . My First Piece Of Evidence To Support My Claim Is Like The Time When Tom Robinson Was On Trail For Supposedly Raping Ms. Mayella Ewell . And Atticus Went Up To The Jail
House And Defended Tom All Alone, Knowing People In The Community Wanted Tom Dead But Not Just Because He Was Being Trailed Against For Rape, But Because He Was Black . Atticus Knew The People Of Maycomb County
Wouldn’t Agree With Or Approve Of His Attempt To Before That Event Happened
The Kids Thought Boo Was Evil, But They Were Wrong. Boo Never Did Anything Bad, He Was The True Mocking Bird Of The Novel Defend Tom Robinson, But Atticus Knew What Was Right And Continued On With His Courageous Decision To Help Tom Out, Despite All The Threats, Negative Comments & Physical Harm He Was Presented With. Mr.
Bob Ewell Spat In Atticus’ Face And Called Him A “Nigger Lover “. Atticus, Being The
Man He Is, Let It Go. Atticus Always Found Some “Good “In Everyone. He Was Very
Strong Minded. My Second Piece Of Evidence To Support My Claim Is Like The Time When Mr. Boo
Radley Saves Jem And Scout From The Crazy Mr. Bob Ewell. Boo Hadn’t Been Out His Home In Years , Children Use To Play A Silly Little Game To Get On Mr. Boo Radley’s Nerves. But Everyone’s Opinions About Him Changed When That Event Happened
The Kids