To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

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Dear Scout, I’m glad to know you are doing well and I’m doing great as usual! I hope the case of Tom Robinson get resolved soon because Atticus once told me he will let you guys visit me when he is not busy. Wow, you got into a fight on the first day of school? That’s unbelievable! Although that is just defending Atticus, I think you should not get in a fight next time. You should tell an adult, Jem or Atticus your problem if anything is bothering you instead of fighting because it will get you into deep trouble and there will be bad consequences. Fighting mentally is alright but not physically! Just like Atticus, he is fighting for Tom Robinson but in a respectful and right way that does not hurt anyone physically. I cannot believe Bob Ewell tried to attack you and Jem, that’s horrible news. I never thought Bob would ever do a thing like that although I know his family is very uneducated. I remember you told me that Burris Ewell only goes to school on the first day of school which I think is weird. I hope you and Jem are feeling good and are healthy. Did Boo Radley really come out? I remember you always tell me about your adventure with Jem and Dill trying to sneak onto his porch, peak into the window and tried to make him come out. Now that he finally came out, are you shocked? I would like to meet Boo Radley one day even though he might not come out but we know for sure that he is not dead or anything like that! Also, remember to tell Jem I hope he is doing okay and