Roman Gaul Wars

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The roman Gaul wars The War of Gaul was a war fought in 58-56 B.C. to as late as 52 B.C (according to different websites) between the Roman empire under the control of Julius Caesar against the Celtic tribe of the gauls, also known as the Celtic Region. This region consisted of today’s countries of France, Belgium, Switzerland, and Northern Italy. This war was started due to Caesar’s desire to expand his empire territory. The major players on the Roman side were of course Gaius Julius Caesar backed by the Roman army. He was born in 100B.C and died in 44 B.C. Julius was a Roman dictator who sought to expand the Roman Empire; he hoped to restore the constitutional government of the republic. He spent time in the army, as well as going into exile after a ship taking him to the island of Rhodes was captured by pirates. His hope was to build a strong empire without the old corrupt system that once ran Roman. Ceasar was a determined person who was not only tough and a worrier who survived 40days with pirates who attacked him, but also fought against many other countries such as Pompey, Germany and Britain as just a few examples. He was believed by many of his people to be a great leader brings on many great changes thought to be an innovator and statesman. He was believed to have “changed the very nature of the Roman Empire, he swept away the old, corrupt system of the late Roman republic and had set an example to future Roman