To Kill a Mockingbird and Benjamin Disraeli Essay

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Benjamin DIsraeli once said “ circumstances are beyond the control of man but his conduct is in his own power.” Man although unable to always control what problems are thrown his way is able to control how it affects him or how he or she reacts to it. This is a very truthful statement as life is very unpredictable and people are often put it positions they did not put themselves in . In the stories of Too Kill a Mockingbird and A Raisin in the Sun characters are put in positions they aren’t responsible for and are forced to deal with it in their own ways . Authors Harper Lee and Lorraine Hansberry use different literary elements to display these conflicts such as characterization and setting.

In Too Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee Boo Radley is Ostracized from society his entire life by a cruel and strictly religious father. He is locked in his house indefinitely because of foolish things he has done as a teenager. The people of his hometown of Maycomb call him as a monster even going as far as to he eats small animals and it is not his doing that he has been placed in this situation. Throughout the book Harper Lee never really shows who Boo Radley really is only showing the perspective of various towns people leaving much of who he is to be a mystery. Although people think of him as a monstrous person and a hermit at the end of the novel Boo ends up saving Jem and Scout Finch from being killed by Mr Ewell. Despite having a difficult life he didn’t deserve Boo overcomes the horrible things said about him and shows he is actually a kind person and somewhat of a hero.
In Lorraine Hansberry’s play A Raisin in the Sun the Younger family is placed in a setting and time period where they are subject to hard times and racism because of their skin color. The Younger family struggles with living in a small crowded apartment and not having enough money to move. This changes when they receive an insurance check after the passing of Walter Senior . Mama goes out and buys a house in an all white neighborhood with a history of being racist. They are then offered the price of the house plus some to move out by the neighborhoods protection committee but being a proud family and proud of