Essay about To Kill a Mockingbird and Scout Beat Walter

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Jem invited Walter over for lunch for multiple reasons. One of the reasons was that Scout beat Walter up, blaming him for making Miss Caroline mad at her. Jem also pitied Walter because Walter was already living a poor life already, getting little food each day and having to work on his family’s farm so his family would be able to pay back people with the yield of the crops. Then, to make his day even worse, Scout went and beat him up, blaming him for making the teacher mad at her, making him feel shameful and down. So Jem wanted to make up for that by inviting Walter over for lunch. The second reason was because Jem knew that Atticus is friendly with Walter’s father and once helped Walter’s father with a problem concerning his land. This event helped strengthen the bond between the Cunninghams and the Finches. It contributed greatly in helping Atticus keep Tom Robinson safe when a group that included Mr. Cunningham came to the jailhouse to kill Tom. Scout then tried to help her dad by trying to strike up conversation with Mr. Cunningham and started to talk to him on a personal level. This convinced the group to leave without hurting anybody. If Jem didn’t invite Walter over for lunch, it wouldn’t be as easy for Scout to strike up a conversation with Mr. Cunningham because she wouldn’t have anything to talk about since she only would have a negative relationship between Walter and her. Mr. Cunningham and the others in the group probably wouldn’t be convinced and…