To Kill A Mockingbird and Tom Robinson Essay

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Period 6
English 1

Framed Mockingbirds are innocent, causing no trouble. No one should kill an innocent living being, like a mockingbird. In the novel To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee, Miss Maudie explains to Scout the reason why Atticus told Scout and Jem never to shoot at mockingbirds. In their small way, mockingbirds make the world a more beautiful and pleasant place. People too can be mockingbirds. Through their innocence and goodness, they never do anything mean or selfish. They do not bother anyone or hurt anyone. They just go through life doing the best they can for their families and for society. Unfortunately, through the world’s ignorance and cruelty, people who are kind mockingbirds all too often are hunted down and attacked. Two such mockingbirds are Tom Robinson and me. Tom Robinson was a good man. He was a black man working to help support his family. After work, he would always pass by the Ewells’ house. Every time he did, he would say hi to Mayella Ewell. He was very kind to Mayella Ewell: "Yes, suh. I felt right sorry for her, she seemed to try more'n the rest of 'em-" ( ). He helped her fix her stuff since no one in the household really cared. Mayella took this kindness as love and one day she was going to get her way with him: he scared me so bad I hopped down an' turned the chair over. That was the only thing, only furniture 'sturbed in the room, Mr. Finch, I swear, when I left it... Mr. Finch, I got down off the chair, and I turned around an' she sorta jumped on me. She hugged me aroun' the waist. She reached up an' kissed me on the face. She said she'd never kissed a grown man before an' she might as well kiss me. She says for me to kiss her back ( ). After that, Tom was accused of raping Mayella by the order of her father. Tom was held in Abbottsville for a year then sent back to Maycomb to have a trial. During the trial, everyone could see that Tom was NOT guilty but the prejudice white men of the jury announced him guilty. After the trial, Tom tried to run away and he was shot 19. He died. 19 times seems off. It seems as if the people who shot him were against him even if he wasn’t guilty. Tom never meant to do anything wrong and he didn’t deserve this just because he was black. He was a kind and well-mannered man. I too, was just like Tom Robinson, just in a less intense way. It didn’t happened to long ago. It was probably in sixth grade. I was just minding my own business, watching TV and doing chores. My baby brother’s friend was over at my house and the two