To Kill a Mockingbird and Trashy White Lady Essay

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To Kill A Mocking Bird

Even though someone is a different color does not mean that they are bad. In the book To Kill A Mocking Bird by harper lee there were a lot of people who did that to a guy named Tom Robinson who was accused of raping a woman whom he did not rape. The overall message of this novel is that people should not judge others before getting to know them. Lee proves this by how Tom is judged because he is black, how people judged Boo Radley before they got to know him, and how people assumed things about Atticus Fitch. Tom Robinson was not a bad person. Many people did not like him because of his dark skin. People in Maycomb are very racist towards black people and they will do anything to get an innocent black man in trouble. For example in the novel some lady asked Tom if he could come into her house because she needed her lightbulb changed but what she really wanted to do was to kiss him and accuse him of raping her so that he went to jail. Also a lot of people were racist because of the time it took place in. All they thought black people did were steal and were just terrible people, but tom was the exact opposite of that he was actualy very nice andn would not even hurt a fly. So that is why tom got framed for raping that woman he didn’t rape. People should not judge a book by its cover. Atticus was another person who got judged before a lot of people got to know him. For example when atticus had to help Tom people thought that he did it because he was a nigger lover but really he didn’t want to because he thought that tom was guilty and that there would be no chance in him because he was black. Any one back then would not even listen to the black persons story just because they thought that they were the most digusting people on earth, but atticus knew that he was innocent because of the look on toms eyes when he said it. Atticus tried his hardest to prove him innocent but nothing worked because that trashy white lady thought all of it through and made her side sound so convincing compared to toms side. People thought that atticus was just like that black guy they didn’t care about him because he was working with tom. So that is why Atticus got judged before…