To Kill a Mockingbird Essay

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Kaitlyn Comeau Eng1D October, 28th, 2010
To Kill a Mockingbird Every child grows up different. Is it the parent’s fault that we grow up this way or do we just grow up watching people do certain things. In the novel To Kill a Mocking bird you see Mayella and Scout living two very different lives. The things around them could have a large impact on their lives or it could have no impact at all. Also Scout and Mayella will grow up completely different because their lives are so different. Mayella does not have much education and Scout had quite a bit. Scout has a good father figure and Mayella Ewell does not. Mayella Ewell is not going to be very successful in life because she does not have much education and did not have much guidance. She needs an education to continue on with her life. Education is the most important thing contributing to success. You learn to read, write and understand a lot more situations and people. Mayella tells us that she has not had much learning experience but that she can still read and write. When she was faced with the jury, she mentioned that she had only been in school for a few years. Mayella may be able to read and write but she did not learn about other important things in the world. She grows up only knowing the things her father tells her and what she hears around the town. Not having an education can make your life a lot more difficult then someone who has learning experience. Scout has a lot of education and help with all her school work. She will be able to do a lot more with her life because she has a lot of learning experience. In many of the scenes, Scout is at school or talking about her school work. With the education she is able to read the newspaper and understand what is written. Scout has learned about people, different opinions and that anyone can be who they want to be. Since learning these new things Scout’s life has changed a lot. She is turning into a woman and accepting people for who they are. Scout will have a more developed life then Mayella. In Mayella’s life her father has a great impact on how her life will turn out. Her father is not positive role model. Mayella walks in her father’s footsteps and this means she could end up not having a successful